Readers weigh in: choosing grout color for slate

Good morning tile fans! Kicking off the week with a question, this from a family friend trying to choose the right grout color for the Indian slate he’s about to install:

Q. “What color grout should I choose? I am using a multicolor Indian slate with extreme color and texture variation from tile to tile—from brown to purple to green to gray and even red [see below]. I’m worried about gray grout making the tiles look like they’re set in concrete, as it would be in an exterior setting. I want something more striking (and tasteful!). Could black look nice? Thoughts?”

This is Steve’s pretty slate:

Please weigh in below with comments, suggestions, grout resources, and design ideas! THANKS!

* * *
To get your brains in gear, here’s a photo of a New Jersey bathroom that I shot for my book, featuring a different colorway of slate, one with lots of black swooshes. The installer chose a grey-ish hue, but with strong brown undertones–very tasteful:

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3 responses to “Readers weigh in: choosing grout color for slate

  1. I’d go with a taupe color for the grout.

  2. I would create a custom blend – 2 parts light grey to 1 part brown. You must mix up a batch lot though so you don’t run out.
    In Australia we don’t have a huge range of colour so I make custom mixes all the time.

  3. Go warm French Grey. Black and white always look dirty.

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